Wedding photo shoot of wedding couple in most amazing way


Photo shoot is considered the compulsory thing in wedding and bride and groom are very conscious about pictures these days. They wanted to have different stylish pose in which their mutual compatibility can be seen by others. Photo shoot should be such that every person who would look at them must have smile on face looking at the cuteness and happiness of the couple. In Pakistani weddings three days wedding mehandi, barat and Walima are the must functions for all and couple wanted to have now their photo shoot of all the three days not of only barat as it was accustomed before. It is a very lovely thing as your marriage day is the big day of your life and you have every right to enjoy every moment and fulfill all your desires and dreams. Do not leave a single chance to capture the moments and if you are confuse how you can make these photographs look interesting and beautiful see pictures given below and have ideas;

Groom on his knee before bride:

This gesture of looking boy at his knee before the girl is the desire of every girl and she loves this pose of boy. If you had not got the opportunity to propose your bride on your knee as many times arrange marriages happen in Pakistan so in photographs you can get the opportunity. Make the bride feel happy by your knee down gesture and present before her a ring. Bride can sit on couch looking at her groom and this pose will look commendable in photographs.

Groom kissing bride on forehead:

Looking at this picture every couple would definitely desire to have a picture on wedding like this. The grooms is showing his love and respect both for the bride and is looking thankful to bride for coming in her life. This heart touching moment captured in picture will amuse you whenever in life you will see the pictures of your wedding. In Pakistan halls are décor very beautifully and standing at the side of hall showing the lightening behind focus the couple and make the scene behind blurred.

Take picture through mirror:

This trend is going on peak of taking photograph through mirror and looks very classy. This pose of standing of both the couple and looking at mirror is looking nice and through their standing gesture their dresses are complementing to each other. Try to make each and every picture different so the album of your wedding photo shoot will not make its beholder bore. The monotony in pictures can cause boredom so try to bring some versatility in pictures.

Let your face talk in picture:

Now this is for a young and naughty couple who know very well how to make a picture talk. These poses will make your photo shoot lively and able to see again and again. Show your happiness and excitement for the present time. Even if you are a decent couple make your photographs full of expression. This could only be done with mutual co operation so both the husband and wife must cooperate to make the photo album of wedding outstanding one.

Giving hands in hands:

This is a very casual but lovely style of giving hands in hands and looking at camera. This style of photograph is also good to include in photo shoot. Apart from kissing, hugging and dancing this style is looking decent and nice. The most important thing is to feel relax and comfortable to have best result in photographs. Not specifically in hall but outside the hall pictures can be taken which will bring change in the photographs.