Swedish Wedding Ethnic Dress Ideas for Brides


Swedish wedding bridal ethnic attires

Every culture and empire keeps its own typical vogues and traditional that represents their living style, religion and creed. Today, I am going to talk about Sweden traditional wedding customs and civilization. Here, I am going to share most common Swedish wedding customs those are vital for happy married life.
•    Swedish bride carries gold and silver coins in her feet wear that kept by her parents that will guarantee that she will never go without.
•    Swedish bride always wear white dress that is symbol of innocent and clarity.
•      She binds three bands, one of her engagement, second for marriage and third for motherhood.
•    She wears a typical sterling stones embellished crown as a symbol of virgin status.
•    She holds strongest smelling flowers’ bunch to away evil spirits.
•    Groom never leaves his room if he does it then other men allowed to kiss the bride.
•    Father of bride or groom try to present initial speech at wedding day.

Here, I am going to share ethnic Swedish bride outfits those are typically designed with white elegant materials and festooned with different magnificent patterns. Let see below.

Extended bottom lace gown with identical veil

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As you know, the Swedish traditional bride dress color is white so, this fascinated and superb bride attire is also created with classy and finest white lace materials and stitched with straight body extended bottom style. Identical dupatta that imprecisely wrapped around the head is dazzling part of bride’ accessories. Colorful flowers’ bouquet represents ethnic custom.

Elegant lace embellished bride dress

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This sophisticated and gorgeous Swedish bride wore extremely chic and luxury bride dress and holder white flowers’ bouquet that furnishes entire traditional look.

Swedish bride & groom

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Look at this Swedish wedding couple that going together towards Church and tired ethnic Swedish outfits. Bride’ crown and flowers’ bunch are most prominent Swedish wedding accessories.

Caplet bride dress with net veil

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Here, you are seeing a beautiful and gorgeous couple of Swedish bride & groom looks enormous graceful and attractive by wearing entire Swedish traditional attires with accessories.
You can see here some more Swedish bride & groom traditional wedding images.