Exclusive Colorful Fleece Sweaters and Jackets Designs for Women


Fleece jackets

Fleece jacket is lightweight casual jacket made by polyester synthetic wool such as polar fleece. A fleece jacket will typically have a zipper up to the middle rather than buttons.

Current presentation

Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of nicely fabricated groovy and gaily fleece sweaters and jackets for women.

Maroon fleece jacket designs

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As you can observe that we have drafted statuesque fashion fleece jacket designs for women managed with pure polyester material to keep wearer warm. This jacket is maroon in color which enhances overall appearance of women.

Top style fleece jacket for girls

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Our drafted masterpiece is based upon synthetic polyester material to keep wearer`s body warm and comfy with dominant addition of some trendy facts and figures that might mold simple fleece jacket into top style fleece jacket design.

Loose fleece sweater and jacket for girls

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This time we are talking about loose fleece sweater which is fabricated with cozy polyester material in synthetic form. Frock style flow and its length leads this sweater to my favorites list.